Zygo Christmas Cactus 62

Zygo Christmas Cactus 62
Schlumbergera - Christmas Cactus flower in early winter, often May in NZ.

Cuttings, but if I have rooted plants I may send those instead.

another soft pink. Very similar to Z54

I put mine straight into free-draining soil.  But you can use whatever method you prefer.  Once they are actively growing, water them well, but sparing over the colder months to avoid rot.  They do best with a winter chill to get them flowering well.
Mine live in my tunnel house 24/7, so gets really cold in winter and the extremes of heat in summer. These are jungle cacti, so do not need the harsh treatment of their cousins.  They prefer a bit of shade and humidity.

All products are posted out early in the week.
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Zygo 62
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These will probably be cuttings that I supply, but you might get small plants instead.

If cuttings, they will of cured enough while being in transit, so you pot them up when you first receive them.

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