Our Story


Hi everyone, glad you popped in for a look.  

If you are like me, I wanted something "for me", something to challenge myself.  Starting this journey of being self-employed certainly does that, it also enables me to share my plant passion with other people.

Confident that I have the training, knowledge, and experience, I want to supply you with plants, accessories, and helpful advice.

Over the years I have tried most craft options, pottery, mosaics, resin art, acrylic pours, pressed flowers. Eventually, I decided to grow my succulent/cacti collection back up, then incorporate my love of pottery to become what I now call my wee business - Kat's Flora.  

Which includes

- Succulents, cacti, and other unusual plants

- House plants - including hoya, peperomia, begonia, pothos, philodendron, and lots more

- Garden plants including bulbs and aquatic plants

- Pottery

- Other Handmade items

- Re-purposing items for plants

- Plant accessories - plastic pots, insecticides, etc

Past Experience

Having had my own small garden from the age of 10, I simply couldn't imagine life without some access to plants.  

Attending various courses; gaining certificates in Horticulture, Organics and Garden Design; provides me with quite a vast background.

After completing my Horticulture Certificate at Growing Spectrum's Training facility, I then worked in their Propagation department.

Confident that I have the training, knowledge and experience, I want to supply you with plants, accessories and helpful advice.  

Kat's Flora is all about supplying plants of various types.  Indoors include: hoya, begonia, peperomia, pothos and philodendron.  Outdoors include: succulents, bulbs and aquatic plants.  Too many to really itimise them all.

Crafts have also been something I have always dabbled at.  I began pottery when my children were young, dragging them along to group session when I had to.  I enjoy trying new things and figuring out how things work.  I have been really lucky to attend some super, inspiring workshops and courses.  

The plan is to get my own kiln up and running and maybe share my pottery space with other people.

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Personal necessities and hearing loss

Some of you know that I have severe hearing loss.  From the age of 40 I have worn hearing aids.  In 2021 I had my cochlear hearing device inserted which changed my life completely.  

I still struggle with hearing, especially in some settings.  (Too much noise or places with bad acoustics.)  Multi conversations or people who do not speak clearly will always be an issue for me.

You can imagine how difficult it has been to even find employment once I tried to enter the workforce again.  Another reason why this business is so important to me.

I have included a link to the Pindrop Organisation, incase you do not know about Cochlear devices.


The Team

The Team varies depending on what is required.  Wayne and I are both resourceful and bounce ideas off each other.

He has helped me, making plant stands and erecting my tunnel houses where I keep most of my plants.

The other team members are casual helpers at markets and my regular helpers (hinderous at times).  Buddy the Ragdoll, Sasha the Labrador and Iddie the most smoochiest cat ever.

Our place - Otorohanga, WAIKATO

All plants are grown onsite, by me.   

Most are propagated from plants I already have growing. A few new ones get added to my collection, over time I will share these with you too.

My happy place, home.  Looking out East towards the Mamaku Plateau.  On a good day we can see snow on the mountains.