Plants bring your home to life.

I never have all my plants listed on my website, cause I have so many.   

My Facebook Page has the biggest photo collection of my plants and you are welcome to ask about any of them that you spy.    

Or if there is something you have been looking for, please don't hesitate to ask, I may have it in my collection.  Contact me 

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Kat's Flora

*    Is passionate about plants.

*    Has studied and gained certificates in various relevant subjects.- Horticulture, organics, Garden Design

*    Been trained and worked at Growing Spectrum, in their propagation department.

Which has given me experience that I am happy to share.

Growing plants well and sending them off to their new homes gives me great satisfaction.   

Kat and her team

Happy to chat about various plants, advise, or discuss what items can be made specifically for you.

Not all my items are listed on my website, but browsing my Social media sites will show you more items that you can ask about.

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Hoya bella
Some of the Hoyas available

Some lovely words from clients.

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Plant Care

Upon receiving a new plant, to add to your collection, you want to give it every opportunity to thrive.  Maybe you are not sure how to do that.  Here are some guidelines to help you look after that new purchase.


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