Ceropegia Rendalii

Ceropegia Rendalii
Another very special Ceropegia. Flowers are similar to Chain of Hearts, just bigger and slightly different in colour.

Most of these more special ceropegia varieties will either slow down growth, maybe lose their leaves, or die right down to emerge again once winter is over. Please do not panic if this happens. Reduce water over winter, more so if they do go dormant.

Come springtime, they will send out lovely new growth directly from the tubers.

These caudices can be exposed, when repotting to show off their unique shapes.
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Ceropegia rendalii
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Ceropegia rendalii, known as Bushmans Pipe, is a perennial, twining herb (vine) with a thin stem and flat, dark green, fleshy leaves.   Whiteish flowers appear in early Spring.

I think this was my 3rd Ceropegia to join my collection, after getting woodii and linearis.

This is one for those that love to collect ceropegias.  Of the more special varieties, this is the one that I have great success with.  It may subside over winter, but then shoot away with new growth in spring. I tend to just wind this one around, or let it hang.

Photos are indicative only, please ask what I currently have available.

All plants are posted bare rooted, wrapped in tissue, then further packed into boxes or containers for the trip to your place.  I prefer to post out Mondays or Tuesdays to prevent plants sitting in transit over the weekend.  

Happy to combine orders.  Just contact me. If you are looking for anything specifically, please ask, I may have it. 

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