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Some of those items that make taking care of your plants a bit easier. Everyone gets some plant issues, and dealing with them quickly and efficiently will get the best results. I do use chemicals to combat pesty bugs and fungal infections, but I still often reach for some of these household items. Which are more user-friendly. These will work, but often need applying more frequently to ensure complete control. In the photo are a few things you might have around your house that you can use. - Dishwasher liquid. Suffocates the pests, and also helps any spray you make 'stick' to your plants or bugs. - Cinnamon. Fungicide and used as a rooting hormone. - Honey. anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and rooting hormone. - Diatomaceous Earth. Has so many uses, and every household should have some. check out my listing for some uses it has. There are a lot more things that you have in your house that you can use, but this list is only a small sample of them. I will be writing a blog about household items that can be used on your plants. Please read it.