General Information

If you have any problems, contact us, and let’s see what we can do.   If you do not let us know, we have no idea if you are unhappy.

Also, if you are happy, please consider posting a review or feedback to help us on our journey. 



Plants are checked over before being dispatched to our clients.  All care is taken to ensure what you receive is healthy and well cared for.  But occasionally something may go wrong between leaving us and arriving at its destination. 

All items leave us in good condition, but we can never guarantee how they will arrive at your place.  Please record any issues you have with your purchase asap.   A replacement/refund will be considered in a case-by-case situation.


Plant Names

With so many people attaching incorrect names to plants, we take no responsibility if any of our names are incorrect.  While we do research and apply correct names, if possible, it is still hard to ensure they are all correct.  We are happy to be corrected, but only if you can provide a confirmed identification.  Google, Reddit, Pinterest etc are not reliable sources.  Please do not use those as reference sites. 


Succulents and Cacti

·         International Crassulaceae Network

·         World of Succulents – This is pretty good, sometimes names are for other counties.

·         Llifle

·         Coromandel Cactus ( a lot of the NZ varieties came via Martin, so the ‘library’ within this site is a great reference site.   


Product Imagery

·         All sizes on products are a guide only.

·         The best plant is always selected once an order has been finalized.  It may not be the exact same one that has been shown in the photograph. 

·         Photos are indicative only.   It is so difficult to see exactly how big or colourful a plant is via a photograph.   Inside vs outside or different lighting may alter the image in the photo.   


Homegrown Plants

All the plants are grown at our place.  The range keeps changing, so please check back often.  Or ask if you are searching for something specific. 

The rarer or more unusual plants are often only available in limited supplies, thus I do not list them.


Pottery and other handmade items

Everything is made by hand.  (Unless stated otherwise) Every item I make is unique, imperfections are included.  No 2 are ever the same.

With my pottery, I tend to use oxides, rather than glaze.  This process is quicker and less fiddly.  Please be aware that even the most simply hand-made pottery item takes at least half an hour to make.  Then it requires two firings before being classified as finished.  

If there is something that you would like me to make, please reach out and see if it is something that I could make.   Or if you have other ideas that you feel would fit in with what I currently offer, please let me know.