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Here are some of the most popular types of bromeliads: • Aechmea: This type of bromeliad has brightly colored flowers and long, spiky leaves. • Ananas: Pineapples • Billbergia: Usually epiphytic, occasionally terrestrial or lithotypic in habit. • Cryptyantus: Flattened rosette. Leaves are wavy with a striped pattern. • Dyckia: Super spiky, tightly clustered rosettes. • Guzmania: Colourful flowers and a dense rosette of leaves. • Neoregelia: Bird nest type flowerhead. Brightly colored flowers. • Nidularium: Bird nest, often confused with Neo • Vriesea: Brightly colored flowers and a long, slender stem. • Tillandsia: Epiphyte that grows on trees. It has small, gray-green leaves and produces small, white flowers.