Begonia heracleifolia var nigricans

Begonia heracleifolia var nigricans
The plant is known for its beautiful big, sparkly-looking foliage, which is dark green in color and has a glossy texture.

The leaves of the plant are large and asymmetrical, with deep lobes, resembling the shape of a horse hoof.

The plant has a compact growth habit and reaches a height of about 30 cm.

Begonia heracleifolia var nigricans prefers partial to full shade and well-drained soil.
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Begonia hera var
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Once you find the ideal spot for begonias, they really are easy.  Filtered light is best.  Some require a bit more, some less.

I love this begonia, with its big star like leaves. The leaves on my old plant of this has huge leaves at least 20 across.  

Sometimes I admire the two-toned, green effect that the leaves have, other times the leaves appear pearly and glisten in the light.

This is one of the easier begonias to grow.  Give it a go and it will reward you immensely.  Tidy upright growth just needs a lot of space for those long stalks and big leaves.

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