Begonia Beefsteak

Begonia Beefsteak
Begonia erythrophylla commonly called Begonia Beefsteak, is a very popular houseplant.

Large round-shaped, glossy leaves.

Easy to grow and stays reasonably compact. When the stem starts to extend to far from the pot, a simple snip will reduce its size and encourage it to shoot away lower down.
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Begonia Beefsteak
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One of the easiest begonias to grow.  This is quite a common variety of begonia.  An ideal one to add to your beginning collection of begonias.

Begonia beefsteak or erythrophylla is a popular house plant.  Big glossy, round shaped leaves, bronzed tinged, with a dramatic red colour underneath. Small pinkish flowers.

You can even have them outside in a shade house situation.  I have mine on my sheltered deck, as they are pretty tough variety.

One of the easiest begonias to grow.

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