Plant Accessories 4 types

Plant Accessories 4 types
4 products to help with your plants.
Irrigation leaf
Plant pegs
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Some of my most used products.

1/   Velcro plant tape x1 meter.   Easy to cut to your requirements, reusable, repositionable, and holds your plants gently but securely.

2/   Pipettes x3.   I use these for syringing a small amount of liquid into my handheld sprayer.   Or administering treatments to your pet.

3/   Irrigation leaf.  Great when your plants are crowded, or the leaves are dense, and you cannot pour water onto the soil without it hitting a leaf and going everywhere except where you want it.

4/   Plant pegs x15.  I often hold my vining plants down so that they make roots.  For example, with hoyas, or chain of hearts, simply nestle a section of stem with contact to the soil and hold it in place with one of these.

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