Disocactus crenatus Epi 04

Disocactus crenatus Epi 04
Confirmed as Disocactus crenatus, previously Epiphyllum crenatus. this is a very old species and responsible for the modern crosses we see today.

This is a stunning white Epiphyllum, it flowers at night.

I actually have several white Epiphyllums.
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Epi 04
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These can be grown outside, as some of mine do, but get so damamged by slugs and snails.

I do have lots in my tunnelhouse and they grow quite happily in either place.  They do better with a bit of light, so don't hide them away from the light, or they will get long and spindly.   They prefer morning light.  But remember they are a jungle cacti, so need more water and less sun than desert cacti.

Please also read the information under the other epiphyllum listings.

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