Titanopsis cross

Titanopsis cross
Cute little plants, with crocodile-like patterns on them.

Grown from my own seeds.
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Titanopsis are small, cute succulents. 

They range in colour and texture, often having a warty look to the leaves.

I love this variety for the unusual texture that they have.  Like crocodile skins on the tips of the leaves.You can see that these have developed some cool variations.

These thrive in my tunnel house. They get a good watering, usually from the base and then allowed to dry out. Too much water and they will rot easily.

They multiply well and soon bunch up thicker.

Late autumn or winter the flowers appear, bright daisy looking, orange-yellow flowers.

Winter growers, so kept relatively dry over summer.   Also keep dry if the temperature falls below 7°

When I select one of these to send to you, it will be a random selection, but based on size and development.

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