Epiphyllum 3 Peachy/red

Epiphyllum 3 Peachy/red
Another big flowering epiphyllum. When I see this one beside the pother i can really tell teh difference in colour. Slightly more peachy that Big Red.
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Epiphy 3 Peachy
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Epiphyllum’s are so hard to ID correctly, that unless they come with a name, one must call them a Noid = Name unknown.

This big flowering one is slightly peachier coloured than Big Red.  

Epiphyllum’s are jungle cacti, so naturally grow with less sun than their dessert cousins.  They grow fine in filtered light and look quite sunburnt if grown in full sun.

They are also a magnet for slugs and snails, who love to munch on the leaves and ruin the flowers.

When you receive your cuttings, they will be ready to pot up.  Use free draining mix, pop you segment in and leave it.  Do not water it until it starts to root.  The tip has been removed to increase its chances of growing a nice tidy plant, instead of spindly lengths.

I have added photos of it with other flowers to show the comparison.  I have a few colours, but not all are available to purchase yet.

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