Fern Fibre

Fern Fibre
So many different products you can use to propagate.

I find the best way is to test things out for yourself. Personally, I find straight water to be the worst method for me. Maybe cause I like to put things in and then leave them to sprout, not having to constantly change the water.
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There are so many different products that you can grow your plants in, apart from straight soil. Fern Fibre is gaining popularity, especially as a rooting mix for cuttings. Great for epiphytic houseplants including hoyas, orchids, aroids, anthurium and more. Moisture retentive, light, airy and well-draining, this medium is outstanding for root growth.'

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  • Order received this morning. Many thanks Kat for the extra plant. Much appreciated.
    Posted: 2022-11-30 by Susan