June 2023

I write a few blogs on my website and I just thought I would share some of them with you, incase you haven't seen them. 

People often ask  “Help, what’s wrong with my plant.”    So I have written a couple of blogs about these issues.   One provides a short checklist to answer some of the regular issues that people have with their plants.  Help, what's wrong with my plant?

Help, what's wrong with my plant?


If you belong to any Facebook plant groups, you will probably already see that I answer people’s questions about things like this all the time.  I enjoy sharing what I have learned as I like to help those that are new to owning plants.

Mass-produced plants in the bigger stores often have labels stating the plant has Air-cleaning properties.   I see there has been some research done to support this.  Here is my blog about Plants that have Air-purifying qualities.  The Best Indoor plants for Air-purification A-C

MY latest blog is about Winter Care for your plants.  Plant Care over Winter  We often worry about how our precious plants will cope over winter.  Here are my suggestions.  

Not every item I have is listed on either my website or The Hive NZ.  So please do check them both and ask me directly if there is something you are seeking.    My Facebook page has the biggest photo collection of my items, so also search in there.

My plant collection and propagation choices keep changing as do my latest creation ideas.   

Speaking of creative ideas, if you do think of anything that would fit in with what I make, please don’t hesitate to contact me and send me some ideas.

Till next time, keep warm and appreciate those nice sunny, Winters Days when they appear.

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Posted: Thu 22 Jun 2023