Wall Planter Pottery

Wall Planter Pottery
Most of us enjoy having a few unusual pots in our planted area.' Something to hang on a fence or post, just because it looks cool and interesting.

Well, I have made a series of these.' Often called sconces or wall planters.

Each one is made by hand and take over an hour just to make them.' They get fired twice, with colours being added in between firings.' No two are ever alike.' Clay, colourings, textures, and decorations make them all unique.' I tend to attach whichever adornment I consider suits the creation so far.' 'I tend to keep the colours quite simple.' Usually coloured with oxides or underglaze.' Maybe a bit of 'bling' added to the decoration.'

These are free draining, with a drainage hole at the bottom and 2 holes for you to secure it by.'

They measure 20cm down the front edge and 15cm across the top.' Again, it depends on the type of clay I use and how they are fired.'

I usually have a few in stock, but if you have a particular request then let me know. Please allow a month for me to make any that you request.' At present I do not have a kiln, so must travel to do the necessary firings.

All care is taken when posting.' They are protectively wrapped and boxed.' '

Happy to combine orders.' Just contact me. If you are looking for anything specifically, please ask, I may have it.
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Wall Planter Pottery
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