Newsletter 1 - September 2022

This is the 1st Newsletter that I have written and sent out to people.  I hope that there is something of interest within it.

Just trying to reach some more people, in different ways, so thought I would give this a try.   

Please, if you have any suggestions or queries, get in touch.

I promise I won't bombard you with too many emails or too many words.

With the weather warming up, the plants are getting their spring growth underway.  These spring/summer Plant Events that I will attend are getting closer.  

Hamilton Plant Lovers Event          Puketaha hall, Hamilton        Oct 1st

Waikato Orchid show                      Hamilton Gardens                 Oct 2nd

Waipa Plant Sale                            Cambridge                             Oct 30

Plant Fest                                       Tauranga                                Nov 27

We really appreciate people who support our wee business.  Even just a chat, especially when you find me at a market, is appreciated.  They can be very quiet at times and having a friendly face come and say hi, really helps.  Bonus points if you mind my stall while I take 5.

We are coming up 4 years (Oct 2018) since we began this crazy Plant Addiction small business.  Look out for a small competition next month. 

Those of you who have purchased and/or continue to comment on my posts are awesome people.  Every little bit helps.

Been having a major repotting session.  While it is great to see the plants looking better, it also means that the allocated space has got fuller.

We would like to offer random mixtures of plants to you. 

You choose the quantity: 5 plants = $30, 10 = $60 or 15 plants = $90.   I choose which ones.  All sent bare rooted.   I try to be generous, so may possibly sneak in a few extra bits as well.    

Limited time offer.


Clearance - Bulk Succulent Plants


A selection of succulents. These will be randomly chosen by me. I have moved away from certain types of plants and thus need to rehome some. This would be a great opportunity to add to your own succulent collection.


When in doubt, you ask google or other plant people for advice, right?

Well, sometimes their good advice, is wrong advice. 

I don’t profess to being an expert, but these are some of the things I have heard along the way.   I also have a post with comments about these in my Facebook Kat’s Flora page. Here 

#1  Watering plants.  So many of us get this wrong.

#2  Not sure who came up with this theory

#3  Most of us have heard of this one .....

#4  Getting yellow leaves after winter?

#5  Think before you chop that yellow leaf.

#6  Got fungus gnats again?

#7  New plant in the house.

#8  Schedule this in your diary.

#9  Another non-essential watering theory

#10 Plants have this white fluff…

Check out these 10 pieces of plant advice, that could be having a negative effect on your plants.

Thanks for reading this far.  

Remember, if you have any suggestions or questions, just ask.  More than happy to answer any queries you may have.


Kat and her team





Posted: Fri 06 Jan 2023