Newsletter 2 - 2022>2023

At the end of another year, it is time to reflect on what has been and what we hope to achieve in the New Year.   I am never a believer in setting New Year’s resolutions but am looking at what changes I can make.

My small business is still important to me, but I am looking in a few new directions.  Like everyone, times are hard, and making a profit from my business is something that would ease our situation. 

Plant Maid

I am that person, who if I see a potted plant within an establishment, that needs watering or some other TLC, I quite often will tell them.  Been thinking of offering this as a service as I also know lots of people manage to ignore their house plant needs.  What do you think of this, a plant maid that comes to you?

Been doing some of this at our place; a major repot, chuck-out, and tidy-up of some of my plant areas.  Over time my plant interests have changed.  As well I cannot see the point in keeping those plants that are classified as noxious plants.  Eg some of the tradescantia plants were removed from my collection.  And lots have been assigned to live in my garden.  

New name and new venue (Formally Hamilton Plant Lovers Event)   

Please share with your friends and come and support all these local plant growers and providers of plant goodies.      

I will be there, so do come and say hi.  It is always nice to meet those people who have made a connection with me on social media or via my website.  


Not plants, but most of us have a pet as well....

Have made a few Pet-Beds, to see if they appeal to people.

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Remember, if you see anything within my posts that you like the look of, but cannot find any For Sale, don’t be shy, please contact me and ask.  I often have some smaller pieces that I would happily share with my supporters.

The Hoya Gallery   

Plants or cuttings on request.

Remember to check out my  Facebook page, as this has most of my plant photos.  I have just made an album showing all my latest flowering Hoyas.  I will continue to add to this as a reference.  

Cuttings and plants are available.  Just ask.

Here is the link

See my Hoya album

I have been meaning to write this for a while.  Getting too many emails, is something you never have to worry about with me, as I am very much a procrastinator when it comes to contacting people.   

I thank all those who have supported me, in any way.  Purchased products, commented on my posts, shared my posts, or came for a chat at markets, you all are marvelous.

With that, I hope you all had a peaceful Christmas and New Year.

Kat and her team





Posted: Fri 06 Jan 2023