August 2023

Not long until it is officially spring.

 As usual, this time of year is very up and down.  I know I appreciate the sunny days or hours in between the gloom and rain.

It’s still nice to get outside, even if only to step inside the warmer tunnel house to inspect plant growth.


Waiting patiently

I am waiting patiently for the Epiphyllums and Hatioras to start flowering.  Hopefully, some of my newly acquired ones flower, to confirm their ID.

This Epiphyllum noid is always my first to flower.   

Epiphy 01 - Big Red

The mother plant of this grows outside, in all the elements and flowers constantly.

Speaking of plant ID, I personally never take anyone’s ID as the truth until the plant has flowered and I can research and compare.    

I also only use reputable sites, not just using Pinterest or Google.  

My listings on my website continue to change.  At this stage, I am restricted to having less than 100 listings, so I swap things around every so often.

 I have made a new listing of some combined plant accessories that I hope you will appreciate.   

4 different plant aids for only $10.00

* Plant irrigation leaf.  Simply pour the liquid on the leaf and it runs down the stem of this gadget.   Simple, awesome = no more puddles on the floor.

* Pipettes.  Ideal for measuring small quantities of liquid to add to your handheld spray bottle.

* Orange Plant Pegs.  Use these to hold down your plant's stems, so they make contact with the soil and root.

* Velcro.  Great product to gently and temporarily, tie your plant to supports


Handy Plant accessories 

4 different plant accessories   

Velcro           1 metre

Pipettes               x 3

Irrigation funnel   x 1 

Plant pegs           x 15

Value at $10.00 


There are some other small plant accessories that I have added to either the website or 

The Hive NZ (Where I also sell items).  

(I only have options for 100 listings on my Website currently.)

* Plant repotting Mat

* Plant Support Stakes

* Yellow sticky traps

* Plant Thumb - cutter

* Twist Hooks

* Plant Keyrings

The Website only lists a limited number of the plants we offer. If you are looking for a specific plant that is not listed, please contact us and we will be happy to check our inventory to see if we have any in stock.

Remember I showcase a lot of my plants on my social media pages.  Mainly Facebook and Instagram.   So please check those out often.   Not everything is For Sale, but I myself, go by the motto, 

"if you don't ask, you will never know'. 



Please do ask if you have any questions.  Never be afraid to ask.

It may give me a suitable topic for one of my future newsletters.

I keep thinking about new directions or ways I can take, to help my business grow.   Times are hard, most of us are feeling the pinch.

So, if you have any thoughts to add to my list of:

* courses

* Pdfs

* downloads

* workshops 

* sip n create

I would love to hear of any other formats you think might be worth considering.  


Or actual topics that you think would be popular.   

Or if you have seen, downloaded, or participated in anything similar. 

I am still looking into facilities and funding to make some of these happen.  But continuing to research and consider my options.


Let's hope that September arrives with some warmer days, less rain, and lots of plants popping out new growth.  

Until next time, 
Kat and her team 

Posted: Mon 20 Nov 2023