February 2024

Mid-February already.  Where do the days go?

I am finding this summer not so bad, it hasn’t been horridly humid for days at a time, and not been too scorching hot outside either.   Even had a few times when we had to add extra layers.   I think autumn will be even earlier this year, some trees are already showing signs, with their leaves changing colours.

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If you are in the Waikato area, please do consider popping along to The Plant Extravaganza on the 2nd of March, at The Barn, Claudelands Event Centre. 

Kat's Flora will be there with plants and plant-related products.   Lots of new creations, so hope you can support me by coming for a visit.  It is always nice to get people coming up and introducing themselves.  Putting a face to a online supporter is really lovely.  Just remember I do have hearing problems, so get my attention first.

The Plant Extravaganza is all plant-related stalls, so am sure to be something to interest you. 
Food and drinks are also available.  
It’s been so rewarding that an initial idea that Annamarie and I decided to pursue, has grown into this super event.

Newly created 30cm Half-Moon hanging pot.   Prior to applying oxides and glazing.

I have been enjoying my reinspired pottery direction.  While keeping to my focus of being plant-related, I have branched out into Bee-watering dishes, Bonsai Pots, new Half-Moon Wall Planters, and Wind Chimes.    Trying to keep on track to have these ready for the 2nd.   How to display them is another issue completely.

Other things I have been working on are Botanical Relief Pictures, and pressed flower art, so I hope I can get some of those ready for this market as well. 

People's interests change, we all get that.  Even I have decided that a lot of my plant collection does not appeal like it used to.  Finding homes for big cacti specimens is tricky though.   Not living in one of the main cities does not help. 
I missed selling them when the prime selling period was happening, so kicking myself that I wasn’t ready to let them go back then. ☹ 
Reducing my collection by half would allow me to spread them out better and remove some shelves, letting more light in.

How has your garden been this, Summer?  Full and bountiful or full of mildew and low crop success?  

My plums were great until the birds and wind came along.  
The apples were very limited in numbers, which is unusual for these trees.  
My pears are non-existent.  
Potatoes were put in late, but ready to harvest.   Passionfruit is rapidly taking over their chosen space and providing well.  
Vegetable garden keeps going to seed.   So gave up and just let them do that.  Hopefully, they keep popping out a few self-seeded lettuce plants for a bit longer. 
The dahlias have been a success, except I haven't staked them well enough.

Remember to check out my social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram   This is where I post updates of my products and a good place to see examples of my plants flowering.  

ps Never be afraid to ask me if I have something in stock, even if I have never listed it anywhere.   Or if I can help you with your plant care in any way.  

Posted: Thu 15 Feb 2024