September Spring has sprung

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Some days it already feels like spring.   

Buds are forming, and some spring flowers are blooming.

But we all know that Spring can also be the crappiest season.   The rain and mud will continue to appear for a while yet.  

Kat's Flora - Spring Sale.  

September 15 to 20th   

I run these sales every so often.   Because I realise not everyone sees my website or my listings on The Hive.  

If you see anything that appeals, please get in quickly, as prices are for a limited time, and often stock numbers are low as well.

This will be run on my Facebook page, so please keep an eye out for the posts.  

Kats Flora NZ


FREE  Extras 

Every order will have something extra included, this may be seeds, extra plants, or plastic pots.


You can support me further by ....

Sharing my sale with your friends or in the groups that you visit.  


Plant Repotting Mat 

I pack my plants on the dining table every week.    

Yes, it gets messy, but using a repotting mat sure helps confine the mess in one place.

50 x 50cm

Value at $12.00 


The plant markets are beginning to appeal again.

*  Orchids & More                - September 29 -1st October (not a stall holder)

*  Waipa Plant Sale              - October 29th

*  The Plant Extravaganza   - November 11th



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Our view.   

We can see the snow on Taranaki on a clear day.

Posted: Mon 20 Nov 2023