October Update

Seasons come and go.

Thank goodness, I say.   Can you imagine how mundane it would be if we were stuck in one season continuously?  

If we had no extremes of freezing wet winters or sticky, humid summers, many plants would not flourish.   Lots need those cold temperatures to make them flower and to set fruit.   

I've just written a blog about Zygocactus and some of the reasons why they don't flower.  These are some of those plants that do need a cold snap to stimulate blooming.  Read more here

Thank you to those who support me, when I run my sales.  

You probably have very little idea of how much effort online sales takes.  All those photos, deciding on prices, writing content, and figuring out the best way to post them online.  Often making mistakes as I go.



Bright pink, sticky carnivorous plants.   



I have a few hand-made items in the pipeline, so hopefully I can show you those in the next Newsletter.  Rather vague, but can anyone guess what these will be?

1/ Incorporating cell phone protection and pressed flowers

2/ A disk for those who love to propagate in water

3/ Some bee water-flowers.


Gnat Traps 

5 for $2.00

Sticky, bright yellow to catch small gnats and midge insects.g  


Upcoming markets.

I don't do a lot of markets, they are hard work and I find only Plant markets are worthwhile.
But if you see me, please come and say hi.
* Waipa Plant Sale - October 20 - Cambridge
* The Plant Extravaganza November 11, The Barn, Claudelands 

Posted: Mon 20 Nov 2023