November 2023

Mid-way through November  ...

one wonders where the year has gone.

With the blink of an eye, it will be Christmas and then New Year.   

Are you organised for Christmas yet?    Done your shopping, and decided where the day will be held? 

We don’t do Christmas presents anymore.   A bit of sadness there, but as there are no young children in our family it seems a logical progression.  Less financial stress.    Also, hate that waste when you buy something you think ‘they’ will use and they never do.   


I never know if people read my Social Media posts.

Do they give them an occasional like, without taking much notice of what I say?  

I have been thinking hard about how to move my business forward.    How to make my business more financially sustainable.   What to keep or modify.   Any contribution I can make to our financial situation helps.

If you have any suggestions I am always open to suggestions.

My husband wants and needs to retire, from his panel beating business, due to medical needs.    

He still enjoys working on our small farm, but there are lots of things that I now must help him with.   

He is on crutches 24/7, so try to imagine how one fixes fences, digs ditches through the mud etc with a  crutch under each arm. 


My plants

Most of my plants are collectible ones, but general market day people are looking for the current most popular 'fad plant'. 

I gave up trying to follow the fads ages ago.   I can not compete against those who import, or buy plants and then sell them on.  

I grow all my plants, myself, by hand.   It is a passion that I have.  

I don’t think I could ever not have plants! 

Since handmade, unique pottery seems popular, I have been making some new items.  

I made these latest cones a while ago.   Just decided I needed to finish them off.  Some have decorative holes.  They can either be hung as per the photograph or placed over a tea-light candle.  

These can be used for plants, dried flowers, air plants, or even candles.  Hang them in your trees or sit on the table as a unique decoration.  

Not the best photo, as it only had 1 light in it, but a string of fairy lights would work much better.   Hopefully, you can see the general idea.  

ps, if you like the idea, but would like them in different colours or patterns, ask and maybe I can do something to suit you.


Cone 2 toned

Glazed with lots of decoration and holes. 

Hang it by the macrame hanger or remove that and use it as a table decoration.





Cone Chocolate 

No glaze on this one, so very porous.  Coloured with oxides. Lots of decorations and holes.  

Hang it by the macrame hanger or remove that and use it as a table decoration.





Cone Paisley  

White stoneware clay, with clear glaze applied.

No decorative holes in this one.   

Hang it by the macrame hanger.   



Other New Products recently added to the website include....

* Hoya Kerrii

* Oxalis versicolour

Gnat traps

* Carnivorous Pings

Since I can’t ignore all these Black Friday sales, I decided that I would participate this year.   Bit late announcing and sharing what I have to offer, but I can only hope for the best now.

So here is what I am offering.

Thank you again to those who support me.

In any shape and form.

* Those who come and visit me at the markets.  

* Those who give me referrals.  

* Those who purchase my products.

* Maybe you commented or shared my social media posts.

* Or added a review.   Google is the best place to put this or send it to me.

Every little bit helps!

Please feel free to contact me about anything.  

I post on a few social media sites and try to keep my content slightly different in each.  Facebook and Instagram mostly.  Less often on Pinterest, Google, and YouTube.

Posted: Mon 20 Nov 2023