July 2023

Welcome hope it is warm at your place.

Pretty freezing here in the Waikato, but must admit it hasn't been too wet.  Yet.

All those who say, spring is round the corner, beware ....

Not my photo, but sums the seasons up completely.

I have just relisted a few Zygocactus.   

Mainly the Christmas/Thanksgiving varieties that have just finished flowering.  Will list more of the Hariora varieties after they flower.  



Mainly fresh cuttings of 3 or more segments.  

From $7.00 


I sincerely hope that if you have any comments or suggestions, grizzles or grumps that you let me know directly.  It is just me and my small team, so we are not experts at everything.   More of a Jack of all trades master of none.  So need help at times.



From $7.00

A small selection of Dahlia tubers.  

I do not dig them up often, because now I have to find somewhere to put them all!


I also write a few blogs, if you wish to check them out.  As I said I do not profess to know everything, as learning about anything is a progressive thing, but I have trained and worked in the industry, so am not one of those instant plant sellers that you often see on social Media.    

Anyway, if you want to read my blogs here is the link.   Blog

I post on a few social media sites and try to keep my content slightly different in each.  Facebook and Instagram mostly.  Less often on Pinterest, Google, and YouTube 


Hoya bloom comparisons

One of my most successful recent posts on Facebook

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Instagram - a bit about Me.

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As a final reminder and thank you, here is the chocolate to help sweeten your day..

Posted: Sun 20 Aug 2023