May 2023


I really appreciate those who have ordered from me.  There are even a few return customers.  You can use a coupon on my website, or I often just include something extra as a way of saying thank you.   Remember a review or placing Feedback also assists me.  

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·   Kats Flora website.  Send directly via email, as I don’t have the plug-in yet.

·   Kat’s Flora on The Hive - Feedback can be placed under the specific item.

Not every item I have is listed on either my website and The Hive.  So please do check them both out and ask me directly if there is something you are seeking.    Facebook has the biggest collection of my items, so also look in there.  My plant collection and propagation choices keep changing as do my latest creation ideas.  

Speaking of creative ideas, if you do think of anything that would fit in with what I make, please don’t hesitate to contact me and send me some ideas.

Just remember, I do not provide my phone number to many people due to my hearing loss.  Search out one of the other options to contact me.  It has been 2 years now since I had my Cochlea Implant, so feel it is an appropriate time to celebrate how it has helped me, but also how living with hearing loss will always affect me.  

The Zygocactus or Thanksgiving & Christmas Cactus are now starting to flower.  Hopefully, a few more of these will flower this year so I can identify more of them.   I do sell these but prefer to wait until after flowering, but you can contact me to start a list anytime.

I prefer to use proper botanical names for my plants.  Common names can be so misleading.  But finding true identification, regardless of how much searching you do, might still not give me a correct answer.  These Zygos, as well as Epiphyllum's, have lots of Noid plants (No ID) because unless these come to you correctly named, you can not guess what they might be, regardless of how much research you do. 

There are so many inaccuracies out there.  Even reputable plant nurseries supply plants with totally wrong plant names.   No wonder so many people share the wrong info.  I do not consider google, reddit, or any social media as a reliable source when trying to confirm a plant’s name. 

There are some good websites, but even so, it is better to get a couple of confirmations. 

For Succulents and Cacti, the following are some good sites.

 ·   Coromandel Cactus ( Which has a lot of the NZ cultivars that Martin was responsible for breeding.   Search within the “Library”

·   International Crassulaceae Network

·   Llifle

·   World of Succulents.  There are quite a few different ‘World of …” sites, for various species. 

Also if you haven't already noticed I do write a few blogs, on plant care etc.  The latest one is about Clean Air Plant    Here.

If you have gotten this far, then thank you for reading my blurp.  If there is anything you need help with, please ask. 

Kat and her team




Posted: Sun 11 Jun 2023