Officially Winter!

Hi, welcome back! 

I’ve too many plants, there I've said it.

But even though I make Facebook albums with plants for sale, put store-wide discounts on my website, or put them out in my roadside stall, they still aren’t moving much.

If people see something they like, I hope they will enquire about it.   I post different things on my social media pages so look over them all.    Maybe check that they are not currently listed on my website, but apart from that, I do not mind people just asking.

Being a small business owner is hard at times.    There are possibly some apps that I could use for better engagement and actual orders, but I can’t afford to use them.   So many are highlighted as essential, but realistically, a $10 plant sale would barely cover a day's fees of apps if I did that.

Blooming with Creativity: From Pressed Flowers to Pottery

You may have seen that I recently presented my first workshop, Pressed Flowers - Keep Sake jar.   Thank you to The Otorohanga Creative Conduit, for the opportunity.

It was a fantastic starting point to teach what I know to others.  There are more crafts that I would like to introduce to people.   

In the planning process is a pottery workshop, where I am excited to guide you in creating beautiful, handcrafted pottery pieces.

I have created a few new pottery things; that will be ideal for a pottery workshop.   Simple flowers, plates, and wall-pockets.   I want to concentrate on pottery basics: pinch-pots, slab work, and using moulds.   

It is hard to decide what to cover when the class is only three weeks.

My latest blog was about Pressed Flowers.  Have you managed to read it yet?  I would love some comments on it and any suggestions for future blogs.  

Click here to read what I wrote.  

I see many people on Facebook who panic about their succulents over winter.   They think they must house them inside to protect them from the cold.   After a while, they ask why the plant has changed its colour and shape.   

I’ve written several blogs about cactus and succulent care.

Watering Succulents and Cacti
Plant Care over winter 
Light requirements especially for cacti and succulents

Recently I attended a local gardening presentation.    It emphasized to me, how much I already knew.   I’ve studied various horticulture certificates and attended classes and workshops, so have picked up lots of plant information.     

I should write some blogs about general gardening as well.   Let me know if you think this is a good idea.

Still working on some flower frogs, to make displaying your cut flowers super easy. 

Plus propagation frogs.   These propagation ones have been made so that no damage is done when removing the cuttings when they have formed roots.  Initially, I made them in acrylic plastic, but the pottery ones now seem a better option. 

What colours would you like them finished in?

Did you see that I have also enabled a points system on my website?  

Each order will receive points that you can redeem on a future order.

Well, that is enough of me rambling on.     

If you want to help me reduce my plant stash, check out my website, Facebook, and Instagram posts to see some of them.   There is no way I can showcase everything I currently have growing.  If there is something you are looking for then please, ASK!   

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Posted: Sun 02 Jun 2024