April 2024

Welcome to Autumn

The nights are drawing in, and the days getting cooler.  But the times the sun shines, it can still be lovely and warm.

Great time to consider how you want to alter your garden.

Also, the best time to plant new trees or other things that have been in pots for too long.   


Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has been there for me on this journey. I so appreciate all your support.

* Purchases
* Commenting or asking questions on Social media.
* Reading my blogs

I have making some new things lately.

Created some new things in my pottery line.  

* Half-round wall scones
* Poppies
* Large coiled pots
* Bee flowers
* Botanical Relief Plaques

Plus Botanical Relief Plaques, and getting some Pressed Flower Pictures made.

Feedback or further suggestions are always appreciated.


Let's Create

Something I have been working towards for a while.

Let me know if this is something that would interest you.  

Within my area, dependent on sourcing suitable premises.
Or if you have a space suitable for you and your friends to use. 

Sharing what I have learned in a relaxed atmosphere.


Hoping to offer, fun, friendship, and some new passions to people.


Plastic Hanging Pots

I have 2 sizes of these pots in stock.   13cm and 17cm

I use them all the time myself, esp for my Hoyas.

See more

I also write a few blogs, if you wish to check them out.  As I said I do not profess to know everything, as learning about anything is a progressive thing, but I have trained and worked in the industry, so am not one of those instant plant sellers that you often see on social Media.    

Anyway, if you want to read my blogs here is the link.   Blog

I post on a few social media sites and try to keep my content slightly different in each.  Facebook and Instagram mostly.  Less often on Pinterest, Google, and YouTube 

Posted: Fri 31 May 2024