Tree Dahlia White double

Tree Dahlia White double
The Tree Dahlia (Dahlia imperialis) is a giant in the flower world.

The white one is not as tall growing as the purple variety. It blooms in Autumn or Winter. Adds a pop of color when many other blooms have faded.
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Tree Dahlia White
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  • Available to purchase after flowering. 
  • Late May/June flowering: Tree dahlias flower later than most other dahlia varieties, typically blooming in late May or June.
  • Grows freely, high above other plants: Tree dahlias can grow to be 10-12 feet tall, this white variety doesn't get as tall as the purple one though.  
  • Susceptible to wind damage:  Tree Dahlias grow tall.  Strong winds can easily break the hollow stems. They need to be planted in a sheltered location, such as behind a fence or building, or big trees. 
  • Frost damage: Like many other dahlias, tree dahlias are not frost-tolerant. They need protection from frosts, especially while they are setting buds and flowering.
  • Tree Dahlias are perennials: They will die down after flowering and regrow from the giant tubers each year.   If they get knocked back by frosts or wind, do not worry, they will regrow.

  •  You will receive: One length of stem that can be buried to start your own tree dahlia.    Lay them flat beneath the soil or half bury them standing up.  either way seems to work well.

  • Consider where you want them, as the roots are very large and shifting them isn't ideal.

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